Creating videos and placing them on YouTube is one thing. Ranking those videos high on YouTube is a different story. If you’re an e-commerce or a service provider with videos about your products or services, YouTube is a natural place for your off-site SEO. SEO is not the only thing a good YouTube video offers. Conversion rates from YT are very high if your video an your description leave a good impression on the viewer.

This all sounds good with high conversion rates, SEO effects and some other benefits. There’s always a but. Ranking first on YouTube’s front page is not a stroll in the park. Optimizing the video, description and some other factors is extremely important if you want your video to be engaged and viewed.


Where gonna let you in some tips on how to rank your video on YouTube better. Here we go with the first one.

Video length

Attention is something that’s very expensive and hard to get these days. Most of you probably know that now days we have less and less attention because of ton of video content on our timelines and YT channels. We’d like to see them all but, no time. Your video needs to be short and effective. Not longer than 3 minutes if you’re promoting a product or a service. Maybe even less since you need to get your viewers attention and engagement within the first two minutes by statistic

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Video quality

Do you like watching pixelated videos? Of course not, who does. Imagine if you want to sell a product, and the design of the product is the key element for leads and customers. How would you like to see that product as pixelated in a promotion video? I wouldn’t buy it for sure after watching a video like that. Some of your videos will probably be the first touch point between you and your viewers/potential customers. Do you want them to see you as an amateur? If you can’t create a fine quality video you should hire a video production company and finish the job the right way.

Video content and scenario

Imagine if you want to buy a product and your watching an explainer video about the product. First case, you have the content and don’t have a scenario. Creating a video that has anarchy written all over it is a disaster. Second case,  you have a scenario but don’t have content. You’re making a whiteborad explainer video and you’re just using one man figure talking with a text cloud over his head about the product features. So you know what you want to explain, what you want to say but you only have one drawn guy saying it with a cloud over his head. No drawn product features, no graphs, no steps. That’s something we like to call boooring!

Video heading

As with any website, Google bots also crawl YouTube. H1 or your video heading is a very important part of your video appearance for your SEO and for  your viewers and their engagement. The heading is the first thing a potential viewer is gonna see in the YouTube results list. You need to create an eye catchy heading with relevant keywords inserted, but be careful with the length of your heading. If you take it up more than 60 characters you’re in trouble with the visibility of your heading. You know those three dots that appear after some headings? That’s where the rest of the heading lies. You don’t want that, and neither does Google.

Other thing that you need to keep in mind, and that can affect your reputation is a click bait heading. You don’t need that trust me. You’ll fool someone once or twice, but keep in mind that a good voice travels far but a bad voice travels even further

Video description

The most effective off-site product video SEO strategy, his majesty, the description. Maybe the most important part of video ranking is exactly the video description. You should give a precise explanation of your product or a service, and use the relevant keywords as you did for your headline when creating sentences. Besides creating catchy and SEO ready description, you need to think about links. Backlinks from YouTube to your website, especially if you have a high traffic volume are a wind in the back for your site search engine ranking. Besides your website you should include links to your social networks and other relevant accounts. Pull your viewer into your ecosystem and don’t let go until he converts.

Call to action

What’s a promotion without call to action? Let me answer that, it’s waist of resources. Every video you post on YouTube that has a promotional character needs to have a CTA. YouTube offers three types of call to action features:

  • end screens,
  • overlays,
  • and cards.

Every feature has it’s own design, and you should use them according to the type of the video and the moment you want a viewer to make a call to action.

call to action you tube

Share your video

Don’t be selfish, share! Everywhere you find it’s suitable, whether it’s Linkedin, Quora, Facebook, Twitter you should share your video. These networks have a large impact on society and large volumes of visitors every day. Imagine if those people see your video, go and watch it on YouTube, click the CTA link, visit the website and buy your product. I’d say that’s a perfect customer journey if we talk about YoutTube marketing.

youtube call to action

Paid advertising is sometimes a necessity

Whether you like it or not, sometimes if you want boost your video a bit you’ll need to invest some money in it. You’ll need to create an AdWords account and get to know the system. If that’s gonna be another system in a row that you need to learn and you don’t have tim, maybe you should hire an expert to help you. Before you’re eligible to use your video for paid promotions you’ll need to pass series of checks and then start advertising. By using paid advertising for your video, you’ll be able to get a bigger audience. If you have multiple videos, and you’re not sure which one to use for your product or service, A/B tests are a great way to see which video gives you the best results.

Be a peoples guy/girl, and ask them to engage

Use the strength of YouTube, comment on other people videos and ask them to do the same. YouTube is a social network, and that means people expect video content. You can’t just upload two videos and say I’m done. If you do that, you are done but literally done. Give them frequency and ask them to like your videos and subscribe to your channel. Make them engage with your content.  One more thing, if someone comments on your video don’t be a lazy person – reply. That way they’ll know you care, and they’ll come back and engage and share more of your content.

If you need more tips and tricks guys and girls, send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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