In a world where most things around us are complex, whiteboard explainer video is here to help. Making you understand complex and boring things in a simple and fun way, is the sole purpose of this video. Whiteboard explainer video is actually a storytelling process drawn by a human hand on a whiteboard. How many times has someone draw something for you so they can explain something? Probably more than a few times. When these hand drawings get some animated effect you get an animated whiteboard explainer video.

These explainer videos can be about anything from how to use a product, service explanation to school lessons for algebra. If you’re asking yourself “Ok, but where’s the tone?”, don’t worry, these explainer videos have a narrator voice explaining the stories behind the drawings. In order to make this video awesome, you need to follow a few rules and tricks from our kitchen.

A good story is an imperative


You tell at least one story every day. Whether you’re explaining a new service at work, or demonstrating a product to a client you’re telling a story. Two important things in storytelling are your audience and their needs. If you’re making an explainer video on how to change a car tire fast, you won’t show it to people who don’t have a car. Explainer videos are shown to people that don’t know how to do something, haven’t used something earlier or just want to learn how to do something better and smarter.

Don’t combine expaliner video styles

Drawing, whiteboard, hand and a narrator voice is all you need. When people hear whiteboard explainer video they expect a hand with a voice drawing and telling a story about something. Thing is that when people are expecting something, you shouldn’t play with their expectations unless you are certain about it.

Connect your audience with your video


Using animate characters who represent your audience is the best way to connect with them while watching the whiteboard explainer video. If you trigger that feeling of empathy and bond between the audience and your characters, it’s more likely that they’ll convert or make an action after watching the video. Hand that draws the story can sometimes be a good emotion trigger if you give it some style. For example, if you’re explaining some medical procedure the hand can wear latex gloves doctors wear.

If there is a need add some color. Not to much!

Sometimes there’s a need to add color to the video. Since it’s a whiteboard explainer video with a hand and a whiteboard marker you shouldn’t go wild with colors because you’ll lose focus by adding to much of it. If you’re doing a video for a client, use their brand colors and don’t add any other. The main idea of a whiteboard explainer video is the simple explanation of a product, service, brand or a lesson. With many colors people won’t listen and think about the story, instead they’ll look and admire the drawing and the colors.

Make your audience wonder


Since it’s not a movie genre and every frame is being drawn, the audience is always anticipating the next scene. This is one of the main reasons people like watching whiteboard explainer videos. They never know what comes next, but they want to know since curiosity is a part of human nature so they keep watching. Keep your video simple but interesting. If you don’t pull that off, your audience won’t wait for the next scene.

Information and education are the nucleus of the whiteboard explainer video

You are making this type of video to inform and educate people. The script has to be put together in a smart way, and you should read it to yourself and your colleagues to see whether they understand the message behind the video.  The educational line of the video demands that you place all the necessary information within two minutes top, and narrate them in an interesting way.

If you’re not an expert hire an agency

Doing a whiteboard explainer video for your own needs is one thing. Doing a video for a product or a service you want to promote demands the highest quality. If you’re positively sure that you can create a high quality whiteboard explainer video yourself, get right into it. If you’re not so sure, and your product sales depend on itm you must hire an agency with a good portfolio to do it. Your main responsibility will be to participate in the script creation since it’s one of the main factors in order for the video to be successful. Leave the rest to the professionals.


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