Video production services

We have all been well aware that video is one of the most engaging content formats there is. It’s not that people don’t have the focus to read, it’s just easier to view and it captures the attention much faster.

In video format, the two main distinctions are animation explainer videos which do a much better job at capturing the initial attention, and footage videos – corporate, business, interview that are shot on location – that do a better job building rapport and trust with your audience.

It is exactly this why Solutium has expanded from doing only animations to the complete audio video production service (yes, including podcasts).

So in our standard video production we can offer you:

  • Full recording and on-location video service – including static and action scenes, multiple camera angles, separate audio setup, lighting…
  • Editing and mastering of recorded footage – mixing and editing complete footage into arranged video clips (feature, clips, promo, TVC, interview…)

As a separate service to our long-distance clients we offer video editing services of their own footage.