Video marketing trends for 2018 are predicting that video will become an imperative of digital world in years to come. YouTube is the second most visited site, after Google. (Alexa). On a global scale 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% watch online videos every day. (HubSpot). By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumed internet traffic (Cisco).

Video marketing will become one of the most important parts of your business marketing strategy. So, check out these trends and take your marketing strategy to the next level.


Live Video Streaming

First exciting trend that will continue its growth in 2018 is live video streaming. This said, you will get a chance to put your audience in the center of happenings. Nowadays, our audience needs to be closer to new events, happening every second. They need to have immediate connection, possibility of giving feedbacks and sharing their feelings. With live streamings you will animate your audience longer and encourage their engagement.

Live video streaming encourages your audience to interact with your content giving them thrill and excitement.

Cost reduction with videos


All of us used to believe that this kind of multimedia content is something meant for large companies with huge budgets. We improved our skills of making outstanding marketing videos through time. So, with these improvements, costs are also reduced. Nowadays, it doesn’t cost much if you want to take your marketing strategy and content to the next level. You have free online video making software for doing that at your disposal. But, since time is money, don’t waste it and get a professional solution.

Explainer videos which tell a story about your brand, product or service don’t cost as much as a live tv commercial and have much more influence on visitors and customers. This format also fits better for online marketing campaigns through different channels.

Shape of square – Mobile Optimization

One of the most popular and fast implementing video body shapes is square shape. This trend is fast growing, and becoming more popular each day. Facebook strives to change video format towards a square format because it fits mobile devices better. Square shaped videos allow more space on our Facebook News Feed, which in return allows our content to be more noticed.

Video overwhelmed Social Networks

In 2018, we can expect that Social Networks will continue developing their video placement strategy. They will strive to have more live video streamings and more interactive features for advertisers. Big companies that want to create more engagement will do the same. They will spend more budgets on live engagements. Old recorded videos will take their places in the archives.

There is a high demand for video presentations in the business world, especially live streaming presentations whenever or wherever it’s possible. Facebook started implementing square video shapes, Netflix is gaining tons of popularity with its video on demand and  Apple is investing in their video content huge amounts of money.

Video trends for 2018


360° AR Videos

Advancements in technology gave us the possibility to attract customers in more ways than ever. Now they can really sense the virtual reality. 360° videos are really making a big comeback in 2018. AR (Augmented Reality) engages our audience far beyond anything so far. But, you need to find a path to implement it to suit your brand story. Google has shown that despite of lower view-through rate, 360° videos had higher CTR comparing to standard videos. This decreases their costs.

Fast growing type of videos – Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos save our time for promotion. They can be promoter for you and tell everything about products, services or brands. Educational types of explainer videos are also quite common. They give a unique watching experience. They are short, concise, creative, interesting and they give solutions in just a few minutes. You get an immediate impression and if it’s good, it leads to immediate engagement. If you are not sure whether it’s suitable for your company, check this out.

This trend is the easiest to implement in your marketing strategy, and like we explained it doesn’t cost much. You can expect high engagements and strong emotions from your audience.

This type of video will continue to grow and will continue to go viral.

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