Today, everyone thinks that in the digital world everything stands a click away. But, that’s usually not the case. Creating a one minute explainer video takes quite some time. Story, production, project management are just some things that are a part of the process. Without a good script, not even the best animation and illustration can help you. Ok, they are a big deal, but most of your audience won’t probably be artists and designers and the story will be important aside from the animation.

We’ll go through a few tips that’ll help you manage your story.

KISS – Keep it short and simple


Whether your audience are scientists at NASA or high school students this rule applies. Your average audience attention strolls away after 6-8 minutes. Things be worst, your online average audience attention lasts only about 4 minutes. You’ll probably place your video on some video network like YouTube and Vimeo, so your in the tough segment. You’ll need to catch your audience attention in the first 30 seconds in order to impress them. Maybe even less than 30 seconds.

First 30 seconds equal the message you want to send

There’s one great great thing I want to share with you. If you create a promo video and place your main message in the first 5 seconds of your video, your in luck. With a good paid advertisement expert by your side, you’ll pay much less for your in-stream video ads.

Know how you’re speaking to

Bulk emails and non-personalized explainer videos are the things I don’t like. You need to address your audience in an personalized manner.  Don’t waist their time telling them what they already know. You need to give them facts that will buy their attention and make them want your product or service. If you get them over-informed that might lead to confusion and bounce from product.

Story is the key

Most of us love facts, and love to find out as much as possible about a topic that’s in our focus as possible. The thing is that different people need different ways and tone in order to receive what we’re telling them successfully. The thing is, you need a character in which your audience will recognize themselves. If you accomplish that, they will listen to what you have to say about the problem your company solves with the product or a service you’re promoting. You can’t just throw bunch of info at your viewers with no story line and a boring tone and expect great results.

Is it worth your viewers time (what’s in it for me?)

If an explainer video caught your audience attention, they’re probably solving  some problem. The main  thing you should be repeating throughout the video is the answer to the question “what’s in it for me?”. The main focus is your product/service the problem solver! Most of your viewers want to hear statistics and the results your product can deliver but they also need to see the process and how it works. Some of them may have already bought that product but don’t know how to use it. Most of them, if satisfied, will become a great brand promoter for your products and your explainer videos will be shared. But, one more thing. You can’t explain to someone what’s in it for him and not have a CTA in your video. That’s as if a customer came to your store and liked the promotion you gave him but never showed him how to put the product in the  basket and go to the cash register. Always include a CTA in your video.

We narrowed up a few tips you might come in handy if you’re thinking about explainer videos. If you’re not sure yet where to start, send us a message and we’ll help you.

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