explainer video check list

A bad explainer video is incredibly easy to make.  All you have to do is ignore common sense and follow the steps I’ve outlined below. Nevermind that these videos are beneficial for your SEO. Or that they’re good to have on your homepage if you want to reduce the bounce rate, or increase conversion rates. Email CTR? Who needs it, am I right?

A Simple List for a Bad Explainer Video

1. Go into production straight away. No plan.

2. Include every single detail you can think of. Do not focus your video on one single aspect of your business. Introduce ALL the things! For example, talk about your company’s history, current situation, new products, old products, the team and, last but not least, yourself. You’re the real star here.

3. Embrace sesquipedality. Use long words that people will understand only with the help of a dictionary.

4. Use a lot of jargon and empty, devoid of meaning, buzzwords. They’ll make you sound hip. You have to be down with the lingo if you want all the other marketers to take you seriously.

5. Make sure it’s all about you. Who cares that the audience has a problem. You’re not their mama, you don’t have to deal with it.

6. DIY the whole thing. A professional explainer video production company will just slow you down. What with their established processes and stages and what not…

7. If you do hire a video production company, never ever give your project manager feedback. Keep it mysterious. Keep ’em guessing. They just have to give you a good video at the end, you paid for it.

8. Save money by recording your own voice-over on your smartphone. Heck, no one will know. And make sure you do it outside. The sounds of passing cars, barking dogs, screaming kids and chirpy happy birdies can act as sound effects and background music. Abstract is so in right now.

9. On second thought, skip the sound effects, they might distract from your amazing voice over.

10. Draw the whole thing yourself. It’s just a few lines here and there. Anyone can do it.

11. Do not upload an HD quality video. It would probably be a bigger file anyway and it would take ages to upload. Whoever’s watching would also have to have a good internet connection. Think of the less fortunate ones in your audience. It’s not their fault their internet sucks. Equality for all!

12. You know what, don’t even upload it anywhere. If you upload it, you might get that nagging obligation in the back of your mind that you should be sharing it all over social media. You know that old “if you build it, they will come”? Well, just make a video. They’ll know. Somehow.

13. Might as well make it long. You do need to tell them everything. You can’t really tell them everything in 90 seconds.

14. End your video abruptly, without a conclusion, answer, or a call-to-action. If they really want to know, they’ll call you.

This list is easy to follow and makes perfect sense. If you’re into wasting your money. If, on the other hand, it gave you a chuckle, you already know these are the things to avoid.

As a matter of fact, do the opposite of these 14 tips. And especially the opposite of 6 and 7. Shop around and hire a good professional explainer video production company. They probably know what they’re doing and they’ll have no problem helping you skyrocket your business.

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