2D/Whiteboard explainer video

This package includes the most used styles in animation explainer videos, 2D character animation or whiteboard. Even though these styles are very different the process of production and the complexity is the same – so this package and the price is the same, no matter which one you choose – or you can even decide that when we get to the visual production stages.

2D character animation explainer video uses full character design and animations and is best for storytelling approaches. These videos are warm, engaging and they tell a story of a character that the audience can relate to, see their problem as their own and the solution as something that they might be interested in.

Whiteboard videos are more educational, using static illustrations that are being “drawn out”, but with a lot more detail and realism than 2D character illustrations. These can also tell a story, and they are best used when you need to focus the audience to a detail in the scene.

They come with full custom production of all stages, and are done most commonly in three standard lengths – 1 min, 1.5 min and 2 min.

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