marketing trends for 2017

January’s over and for those who haven’t had the chance to step back and analyze the effectiveness of their marketing strategies back in December, we’re rounding up the top 10 marketing trends for 2017 that you should look out for.

1. Interactive content

There is content that a person can read and then there is content that you can interact with. Interactive content seems to be gaining popularity because people like feeling as if they are a part of something. A quiz is a great way to get your readers to participate instead of only consuming. Interactive content can include polls, surveys, contests, and info-graphics.

2. Mobile video

Have you checked out your Facebook feed recently? You might find that more than 90 percent of it is video. In fact, mobile video views grew 6 times faster than desktop video views in 2015. We are living in an age where mobile video rules and you should embrace it.

3. Short-lived content

What makes Snapchat so appealing? It is very appealing because the content disappears as soon as the viewer sees it. Its rise to popularity did more for the social media world than give users another platform to communicate. Snapchat showed us the value of disappearing content, which is a key attraction for Generation Z – the generation that is famous for having a very short attention span.

marketing trends for 2017

4. Mobile first strategy

Mobile devices are the future. Most of the internet traffic nowadays comes from mobile gadgets, not desktops. If you do not adapt your online experience, content, and ads for the mobile user, you will end up missing an enormous opportunity. You do not just need to optimize for mobile devices; you should also ensure that your content can be integrated with the visitor’s lifestyle on the go.

5. Content marketing

Content marketing has evolved over time to give users something that is timely and relevant. As the market models shift, the consumer preferences change and technologies evolve. Content marketers need to assess their situations and adapt at a quicker rate than ever before.

In 2017, you should expect the re-emergence of email marketing in the cultivation and growth of audiences. Emails are especially handy in the B2B market to share information and reach prospects. Although social media is useful in establishing initial awareness, email marketing comes in handy when building that awareness.

6. Link building

Great content will continue to rule when it comes to link building. This means that you should create quality digital content if you want to have quality links. If you are looking to get an edge over your competition, 2017 will see the rebirth of manual link building.

7. Personalization

Personalization refers to the segmentation of your content to reach different kinds of users based on their habits and preferences. The most common form of personalization is the use of lists to determine the content that will be sent to users based on the lists they choose. In a world of not enough time and excessive content, personalization is a great strategy for brands that want to grab their consumers’ attention.

marketing trends for 2017

8. Native advertising

Consumers, viewers, and followers are wising up to the tricks that advertisers use. Therefore, it is getting harder to earn their trust and keep their attention. Native advertising involves the integration of advertising efforts into valuable content.

Native advertising tends to be more effective because it is put inside content that the user finds useful. You should look for ways to weave your offerings and products into a bigger narrative instead of bombarding the user with ads.

9. Dark social

The hardest thing about tracking conversions, shares, and traffic is that you are not always sure what their origin is. With the rise of private and encrypted messaging apps, you should start investing in tools such as and Google Analytics that can measure where your dark traffic is coming from.

10. Data driven marketing

There are two kinds of marketers: those who use what works and those who use what is popular. Data will tell you what is really working, and every marketer needs this information. If you are not fluent in conversion ratios and Facebook ads, you are missing some very important and useful information.

marketing trends for 2017

Following the above marketing trends for 2017 will allow you to beat the competition and stay above the fold.

If you have someone who’s just getting into digital marketing, or could use a refresher on the marketing trends for 2017, share this article with them. And don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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