Stepping out of your marketing comfort zone

How do you even know you’re stuck in your marketing comfort zone?

Well, if you’ve been using the same strategy for years, you might be there without realizing it. You’ve probably been using the paid search approach for years, but lately it hasn’t been delivering the results you want. Don’t sit back and wait for a miracle to happen. It’s time to hustle!

Stepping out of the comfort zone is never easy. Believe me, I know. But when you realize you’re just not bringing in enough leads, you know it’s time to shake things up. Take a minute to analyze what you’ve been doing. Sure, those email blasts you’ve been sending out for the past 5 years kept your company alive, but the lists have dried up and you don’t have a fresh strategy set up.

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Paid vs. Organic

There are a number or paid marketing approaches you could use. Heck, you should be using them. But what people tend to neglect is creating quality content that will drive your organic reach. Paying a fortune on ads and email blasts is, dare I say it, stupid if there’s nothing of value once the person you’re targeting reaches your page.

Think about it, you could have the most beautiful, eye-catching, attention-grabbing ad in the history of ever! But if people land on a crappy page once they click on it, you’ve pretty much wasted your money.

What should you do to get out of the rut?

The best thing, I kid you not, to could do is to take a look at what your competition is doing. Take a look at their website, their landing pages, their social media pages. That’s a great start.

Now, I’m not saying that you should immediately copy everything they’re doing. Maybe you don’t even like all of it. But focus on what you do like. See how you can implement it in your marketing efforts.

Maybe they write amazing articles and post them on their blog. Maybe they have an amazing explainer video right on their homepage that explains in detail what they do. On the other hand, maybe they’re putting their best foot forward by trying to build a community around themselves and interacting with people on social media.

Once you get a few ideas of what others are doing, you can start thinking about your own bright shiny new marketing strategy. Open a fresh Google Doc that you can share with your team and start writing down ideas.

What kind of content can you create?

Depending on your audience and ideal customer profile, i.e. buyer persona, the kind of content you should be creating can vary greatly.

But keep this in mind, be wherever your audience is!

If you’re selling trendy makeup, creating a company LinkedIn page and promoting it there might not be the best approach. Your target audience is probably on YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat.

In terms of format, and depending on who is in your audience, you can use articles, photos, illustrations, infographics, videos, webinars, or podcasts. And remember, if you see that something isn’t giving you any results after you’ve been at it for a while, move on. Try something new.

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There are even alternative ways of reaching potential customers. Do not underestimate the power of networking. Go out, get out of your room, get out of your office. Good things happen outside.

And like Steli Efti of reminded us recently at the Webiz conference, “Good things come to those who hustle hard,” so hustle and results are sure to come.

This article was written by a real live person who enjoys talking and learning about marketing, baking and the power of networking. If you liked it, feel free to share it with your friends.

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