Explainer video niche is rapidly developing, growing and establishing a high place in the content marketing world. In the years behind us, video grew popular as a consumed social network’s product very fast. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook made it very easy for a regular Jo to make a short HD video, post it online and get lots of views and reactions.

Business owners, product brand managers and marketers on the other hand saw a huge opportunity in this trend. They found these short movies as a great way of introducing their brand, product or a service in a format that consumers like. To make it even better Facebook, Instagram, YouTube even Google are all turning their sails towards video format.

To put it simple, explainer video is a short video that focuses on explaining or presenting something. Explainer video uses concise language and attractive visuals creatives. It can be informative or educational. Style, type, duration all depend on the purpose of the explainer video. Every business and an individual making this type of video want to leave a stamp of creativity and simplicity. This is where things get interesting. Creativity and simplicity have a tendency not to get along sometimes, so you need to think very carefully what type of an explainer video do you need?

Fortunately, we decided to make your decision somewhat easier and came up with a list of explainer videos that could help you channel your thoughts.

Explainer video types and how to use them

2D explainer videos

This type of animated videos is one of the most widely used. Why is this so? Well, first of all, it’s easy to make and second, it doesn’t cost much.

2.5D Animated Explainer video stands between 2D and 3D model. This type uses 2D images and 3D objects in same platform as the first type, but it has a higher quality, it’s more appealing and it’s more expensive of course.

3D explainer videos

3D type explainer videos are expensive but their price is justified by their high quality. They are really eye catchy and attractive. It takes a lot of time to produce one of these.

Whiteboard explainer videos

These videos are mostly used for educational purposes. Illustrations are drawn by hand, and are much detailed and realistic. Audience can have a more realistic engagement and stay focused on details in the scene and VO. Also, not all whiteboard videos are necessarily black and white, they can be in color too.

Screencast type of explainer videos

This type of explainer videos represent the easiest way of making explainer videos. Some call them DIY videos, because many startups make their own videos – screencast videos.Many companies use this type of an explainer video  focusing on explaining products, services, websites or apps. It guides you how to use something, make a purchase or finish some other process or action. Many videos that are intended to be tutorials use screencaps to make it easy for customers to understand the message.

Infographic explainer videos

Financial companies can also benefit from explainer videos. Companies or individuals, who have a lot of numbers, statistics, charts or similar, can benefit from presenting them to their audience using an explainer video. It will be more attractive then a simple report. Also, one more good thing to keep in mind, a voiceover that can help understand the presented results is always prefered.If you maybe want an even simpler type of infographic explainer video, kinetic typography video is the solution for you. Every creative person or an artist will like it. It can be used for motivation and inspiration.Infographic explainer videos can also be animated. The main difference is that animated figures make statistics much more interesting.


Other animation styles of explainer videos

Of course, if we wanted, we could find many other types of explainer videos. It’s usually a mixture of everything said before. Like we already highlighted, you should choose your type depending on your needs, and then create or plan your explainer video.

Which type of an explainer video to choose? Here are some good blog posts. If you can’t decide, contact us and we’ll help you decide. Explainer videos can be applied in almost any niche. Don’t believe everything that you hear about the prices. Some say that prices are to high for these videos. Explainer videos production has advanced over time, and their price is nowadays more than acceptable.

Share with us your experiences related to choosing, using or producing an explainer video and check out the
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