classic image ads vs video ads

Well, yes, sometimes you hear the phrase, it looks good, but, if you think again, it’s not always so.

Why are classic display ads old fashion?

Most of people use their smartphones over 4 hours a day according to Their research shows that we spend half of that time on social media platforms. Forbes, on the other hand, did a research where they concluded that by the end of 2021, over 17.000 hours of video content will be consumed. When you take these two researches into account, and the fact that over 50% of visitors on Facebook watch at least one video a day, the equation is simple. Explainer video is your new form of video advertising. Video ads using explainer videos will give you more efficient cost-per-view, and significantly higher rate of overall impressions.

The main difference, and a fact that puts display ads in the oldies niche, is that they don’t tell a story. Animated explainer video sells your product, service or brand for you!

Explainer video can be made and customized for you and only you.

Display ads have to be specially tailored for smart devices and that takes time. Animated explainer video tells a story. It doesn’t force you to buy or click on it with a learn more button. It is responsive whether you upload it on your website, youtube or social media network.

Business image improvements with Animated Explainer Videos

Video has become an indispensable part of everyday life. Today, in 2018, video becomes equivalent to digital innovation, and begins replacing images wherever possible. Video is the best way to gain visitors’ attention. High-quality animated explainer video can easily make people stop and look at the content for a moment. They interact with the website and increase the time spent on the site. You are asking yourself what does time on website have to do with an explainer video? Well display ads just show one thing you’re advertising and you don’t know whether that product or service is for you or not before you visit the site. Animated explainer video tells you the product story, and makes you develop a connection with the product. When you visit the website after the video, you will spend more time on the site searching for information how to buy it or get in touch with a sales representative.

Every successful business model wants to achieve this

  1. Give information-value to a customer;
  2. Use video, as the demand for video content increases;
  3. Make something interesting and unique for the customer;

You can do all that with an explainer video.

With it, you can give value to your customers the way they like it. With animated explainer videos, you save the most important thing your customers don’t have, time. Also, different studies show that brain is a highly visual organ and that video effect has much more influence on us that a simple banner. In today’s fast driven environment this matters more than ever.

brain as a highly visual organ for Animated Explainer Video

So, instead of offering a boring display banner ad about your offers, make an interesting animated explainer video. Check out our explainer video portfolio.

Finally, video creates the type of connection between customers and your company that can’t be created otherwise. People learn faster and feel more connected to things and people they watch. Also, it’s much easier for people to become emotionally attached to something they watch in a video than something they read in an article or in an image.


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