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From the moment I started doing professional work, regardless of field, people have said – “You need to specialize in something. That is the only way to be a true professional.” And so it was.

When I had my first translator gig, it was rather obvious that there were no true professionals that were able to do every kind of translation. Medical, legal, technical, political translations were all separate niches within the translation world. If you wanted to be an expert and get paid top dollar, you would have to specialize. My only problem was that I was always getting a gig from a different niche.

It’s similar with videos. People say that you have to specialize in something particular and create videos for one niche. It’s not the same if you’re creating a video for educational purposes, healthcare, IT, or the financial industry.

Well, a part of that is true. But usually the wrong part – it is not the same thing to produce a movie, a documentary, a commercial, an ad, an animation feature film or an animated explainer video. They all differ immensely.

However, if you specialize in one, like I chose animated explainer videos, well, that is a very focused niche market. To practice creating engaging stories about businesses, products, services, and to compress them in a very short, simple yet eye-catching format of a couple of minutes is a process many cannot do.

In truth, animated explainer videos are for everyone. Any business, no matter how small or big can benefit from using them and everyone has a story to tell. And usually not just one. We’ve created videos that successfully tell our clients’ stories who were in very different niches – healthcare, IT, financial, product placement, legal, marketing, consulting, tourism, and more.

Here are some reasons why we can service any niche.

Simplicity of explainer video

An animated explainer video does need to go too deep into a particular business to be effective. It does not, however, have to have 20 years of experience under its belt to drive engagement of the audience. An explainer video is meant to be the “hook” on which you grab the interest of your audience, driving them to want to learn more. It is an art form of using one simple message, wrapping it into a creative story and showing it in the right way.

This is also why it is preferred that the script be written by a professional scriptwriter who is not connected to the company contracting a video. I mean, all of our clients know how to describe their own business, but in all honesty, the shortest version would be at least five pages long. And that’s just not a script.

Communication with the client

A successful video can only be produced based on clear and good communication between the producers and the client. Anybody tells you otherwise – you run, take your money, hide it and run, trust me.

The client is the one who knows their business best, and even their audience. On the other hand, producers should know how to create engaging content and create stories around even the driest of topics. With this in mind, a draft/revision based production is the only thing that can bring results the client can benefit from for a long time after the project has been completed. It takes out the “magic” out of the process, but if anyone tells you that they’re going to take your money, disappear for a month, and then come back with a video you’ll love, well… let’s just say you’re not gonna see them or the money anytime soon.

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