Explainer videos creation process

Our production process is set in five stages that allow us to incrementally produce every step need for an engaging video and providing our client with a comprehensive and easy process in which the key element is communication. Each stage is dependent on the stage before it and only by reviewing, revising and approving each stage we can proceed to the next one – making sure we have a quality video in the end.
Step 1

Research and script writing

We kick off the process by analyzing our custom Q&A’s that the client fills in and focusing on the script which is the most important element in any explainer video. The script is the message of the video; it is what the audience hears and what gives them the information to understand your service or product. The script is also the stage that determines the length of the video.

Step 2


In this stage, the client selects from our pool of voiceover samples, all professional actors, to select what they like best for their message. Even after selecting the voiceover, revisions concerning tone, pronunciation or energy are still possible. Voiceovers can be in different accents or languages as per the client’s needs.

Step 3


The storyboard stage we develop mock-ups for the visuals in the scenes. We focus on what goes in each scene, how it is represented in relation to the script and what happens in each scene. This is often done in simple drawings, sticks and figures and it is in no way the end look of the video, but it is a baseline for what needs to be developed.

Step 4


This stage is the design of the video. 2D, whiteboard, infographic – this is the time that all colors, brand guidelines, logos, characters, backgrounds are defined and we see how the video will look.

Step 5

Animation and SFX

The final stage is the animation, where everything comes to life. Illustrations are animated based on the storyboard and paced on the voiceover. This is where the magic happens. Only when the animation is finally approved by the client – we top it off with some custom sound production of music and sound effects, and deliver the final video in HD to the client with full copyright.