Video, audio
and Animated Content

which people watch multiple times, share and really engage with.

Welcome to Solutium.

We create and edit video, audio and animated (explainer) content.
From promo videos, corporative videos, marketing content – to interviews, events and podcast shows.

  • Communicate your message in an interesting way
  • Capture the attention of your audience (and keep it!)
  • Explain and engage
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Choosing the right team to work with is a real challenge nowadays.

You want to work with someone who respects deadlines and delivers on demand, but can offer advice. Who thinks about your budget. Who recognizes when to do things quickly, and when to really dive into the details.

In short, you need someone who can listen and understand your needs.

After 10 years of experience and over 300 clients,
we believe you can get these things from us.

Solutium is a company which stepped up when we needed it the most and has done great work based on our thoughts, wishes and agreement. It is not just the quality, but efficiency, professionalism and understanding as well. I would recommend Solutium to anyone who is interested in a top notch product for their pitch or presentation.

- Trizma

Our company is growing rapidly and we needed new material for your digital marketing campaigns. We made some videos ourselves from PowerPoints but they do look "home made". We made a choice to hire a professional video agency to help us with our videos and the experience with Solutium was excellent. They are responsive, professional and the communication is flawless.

- Key Performance

Complete audio and video production
in one place.

Whether you need a dynamic corporate video, perfect sound for your podcast or engaging animation explainer that captures the attention of your audience - you can get all of these in Solutium, without the need to hire various other experts, artists or even scriptwriters.


Audio and video editing


Video production


Animation (explainer) video


Podcast production

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KissMatch explainer video

Promo video produkcija – Solutium (showreel)

CEFTA explainer video – 15 years celebration

COI animation explainer video

Key Performance promo video

We wanted to create a professional podcast, and the project was produced internally by our marketing department. Working with the team in Solutium streamlined our process and made the final product professional and representative. We are very satisfied with the service.

- Colliers International

From the moment we decided to create the first explainer video which would present one of the functionalities of our service, our first choice, without looking too far, was Solutium. We were not wrong. The quality of the delivered product was exactly what we wanted, communication was exceptional and even the hard deadlines were fully met.

- Poslovi Infostud

Good communication is the key .

as in life, so in business.

Transparency, clear process and active listening are the three pillars of Solutium.

If we understand each other’s needs clearly,
working together can be a real pleasure.

The same principle applies as within our company, and also when we are working with our clients.

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Learn more about good practices of audio and video production.

In our blog, you can find advice, our thoughts but also tips and tricks on creating quality content.

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